Public Access Television

Welcome to I hope you find the information you are looking for. This site has just recently changed hands and will be expanding in a direction that will benefit everyone with an interest in Public Access TV.

In the near future we hope to have some forums up and running for those that wish to discuss with each other the ins and outs of producing shows on Public Access Television.

What is Public Access TV - Find out what public access tv is in a nutshell... Public, Educational, and Government sums it up pretty good.

The History of Public Access Television - Bill Olsen wrote a great essay on the years leading up to what we now know as Public Access TV.

Get started in Public Access TV - Learn how to get a Public Access TV station in your town if you don't have on already. Great article by William A. Huston

The Future of Public Access TV - Learn a little about Senate bills 1504 (S. 1504) and 1349 (S. 1349) and also House Bill H.R. 3146.