What is Public Access TV?

In the simplest of terms it is the availability of a Television Station to the general public. What is available are all things connected to a Television Station. This includes the studio, the equipment, and the staff. Your local Cable Television Company will make available one channel or more for use by the public. The channel is usually adminstrated by the cable company or a third party designated by the franchising authority. The cable company cannot control the material shown on the public access channel. According to the Supreme Court of the United States, it is unconstitutional.

Public Access Television is made up of three areas

These are commonly known as PEG

Public Access is the production of videos by the community to be shown to the community. These videos come from individuals as well as community groups. Many public access programming centers around politics and religion and are passed around from group to group, state to state.

Educational Access programming is centered around the educational community. Programs that notify the community of upcoming events and activities or programs focused on learning.

Government Access is similar to Educational Access but instead it is produced by the local government. It provides information on local government meetings, activities, and community programs. Elected officials can use the Govt. Access as well as Regional and State Govts.